Location Is The New Domain Name

Billions of locations around the world. Which ones will you claim?

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Virtual Real Estate

Location is the most important element of Augmented Reality (AR), as it provides context, relevance, and meaning.
We are the first to monetize AR and Location!

Buy locations like domain names and earn revenue share when paid AR content and advertising is placed there with Omniscape. It’s that simple.

We make it easy for brands, businesses, and content creators to publish and monetize AR.


Locations can be sold or traded in the marketplace for any price you set on locations you own.

Locations inherently gain in value based on users, activity, paid content, area population, and demand.

Launching in 2022


Claim your business location (for free!) and take control of your digital airspace.

An official “No-AR” registry is coming soon for locations where AR is not appropriate or may be intrusive.


Locations are good for two years before renewal, just like domain names. Expired locations go back on the market for anyone to acquire.

How It Works

Each location is tokenized on blockchain and unique. AR content and VR shared spaces can be linked to it.

When you claim a Virtual Real Estate location, it is yours for two years before a renewal fee is required (just like a domain name).

Business and property owners claim the Digital Airspace at a location, for free, like claiming a Yelp listing. This is different from Virtual Real Estate, and will launch in 2022.

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