Reach. Engage. Convert.

Reach customers where they are with engaging and branded content. Virtual goods drives traffic and transactions.

It’s like Pokemon Go for brands and Google AdSense for location, but better!

What We Offer

Patented Virtual Goods Technology

(US Patent #11,049,082)

We go beyond novelty “scan and see” augmented reality apps and give consumers 3D branded virtual objects they can discover, collect, and then redeem for real-world products and special offers.

These virtual goods can be geolocated anywhere in the world, or linked to any image or video source (streaming, broadcast, etc.).

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Instead of a one-time scan and novelty AR experience, we give users something branded to take away from the experience.  It has inherent value, and can be interacted with multiple times. This extends and reinforces the value of the brand.

Drive Foot

Our geolocated virtual goods can be placed where your consumers are and drive foot-traffic anywhere or brick-and-mortar location for a redemption and transaction. No other AR advertising does this.


We track everything from discovery and first impression to redemption and transaction, making it possible to validate and prove ROI on ad and marketing spend for the first time ever.

& Tradeable

Virtual goods can be traded between users, or transferred across platforms. Each interaction is another impression, and each virtual good object makes its way to your ideal customer, driving them to a transaction.

Brand Prestige
& Awareness

Each virtual good has value as it is linked to real-world product, service, or special offer. This associates value with your brand, especially if the virtual good is uncommon or rare. Ownership becomes a bragging right for users, which reinforces brand prestige.


We provide brands and businesses with comprehensive analytics for each promotion and campaign. We focus on valuable data points and insights that drive customer acquisition and transaction. This is the future, likes and views are so 2.0.

How It Works

Whether it is an event, a city campaign, or a nation-wide promotion, we make it easy.  Branded 3D virtual goods are geolocated for users to discover, collect, trade, and redeem.

Businesses drive foot-traffic and transactions to their locations, and Brands energize awareness, engagement, and sales.

Consumers have fun collecting virtual goods and earning free stuff, discounts, and special offers.

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