Omniscape™ has multiple ways to monetize Augmented Reality (AR) and Location.

  1. Buy and Sell Locations (Virtual Real Estate)
  2. Earn revenue share from owned locations
  3. Create and publish content on Omniscape™, earn revenue from subscribers
  4. Manage digital airspace and virtual real-estate for local businesses

Digital Airspace and Virtual Real Estate

Location is everything, and it is critical for global-scale Augmented Reality. Location provides context and relevance to content, and it reaches consumers and users where they are. Buying real estate is nothing new, but we have a different approach. We treat location like a domain name that can be bought and sold, and we offer location owners a revenue share of any paid AR content, advertising, and marketing placed at the location.

Businesses, property owners, and home owners can register their locations for FREE, and get the ability to control their “digital airspace” eliminating AR spam, graffiti, and unwanted or inappropriate content.

Anyone can buy the “virtual real estate” for a location, giving them a share of revenue. Smart businesses and property owners register for the free digital airspace and buy the virtual real-estate for their location.

The value (and revenue generating ability) of a location goes up as there are more users in the area, traffic from content placed there, and as brands place branded virtual goods at the location. Consumers get free stuff, rare content, and special offers, location owners get a revenue share, and brands and businesses get new customers, foot traffic, and high engagement. Everyone wins!

Buying Virtual Real Estate

We make this easy. Go to our shop, buy credits, and then go to our map tool (launching 2021) to find the locations you want, click on them, hit the “claim” button, and that’s it. Those locations are yours for two years before they expire and need to be renewed (just like domain names).  We are launching a global marketplace in 2021 that will make it easy for anyone to buy, sell, or trade their locations, at any price they choose.

Content Creators and Publishers

Content creators can make their own AR experiences and share them with friends, pay a small fee to make them available to the public, OR publish it as  subscription based content. This means that people can subscribe to you or your AR channel on Omniscape™ for a monthly fee, generating you revenue. We will be launching amazing and very easy to use tools for content creation by the Fall of 2020.

Help Local Businesses Manage Their Digital Airspace and Virtual Real Estate

If you have ever helped a business build a website, do social media management, manage influencers, write blog posts, fix their SEO, or creat content to help them with their internet and social media presence, this is for you. We expect that Omnscape™ is going to create entirely new services, gigs, and opportunities for entrepreneurs, marketers, webmasters, influencers, and more.

But Wait, There’s More!

This is just touching the surface of what we are going to be launching in 2021. We are dedicated to monetizing AR and Location for everyone, but we are also building an amazing platform that will seamlessly blend AR and VR, with highly engaging content, AI-driven holograms, IoT integration for powerful data visualization, and much more. We have been in stealth mode for a while building out the core architecture, but now it is time to change the world. This is going to be Ready Player One for the Real World.

Keep an eye on this website as we will be posting new announcements, updates, and sharing more information. We are a little light on content right now, but that is changing soon!

Make sure you join the free affiliate program. Welcome to the Future!