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  • Location is the new domain name!

    Claim a location and place AR content or add a link to shared-VR space. Create, Customize, and Collaborate.

  • Explore the world map and discover where AR content is located at, as well as find locations that have linked VR spaces.

    We have some amazing things for brands and business too! Find out more!

Augmented Reality

  • We go beyond novelty “scan and see” AR to deliver content and amazing experiences anywhere in the world, linked to location.

  • Omniscape works with brands and businesses to geolocate branded AR content and virtual goods that can be collected and redeemed for real-world products and special offers.

    Any paid content placed at a location you have claimed will result in a revenue share for you.

Virtual Reality

Any place in the world can have its own Virtual Reality space with Omniscape!

It is easy to have your own private VR for your house, dorm, office, or business and share it with friends and co-workers.

We are developing the next generation of true digital twins and shared immersive spaces.

The First Location-based XR Platform Designed for Content, Community, and Monetization

Location is Everything

We are developing a global-scale XR platform and cloud,  blending Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, creating the cyberspace we have all imagined.

It all starts with location, which gives context and relevance to content, and it is the fundamental requirement for meaningful experiences.

We are the first to monetize AR for businesses, brands, and creators.

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